September 26th

DAY 1 - Wednesday, September 26th

08.30am-10.15am  Registration


10.15am-10-30am  Welcome speech, Sara Richter

10.30am-12.30pm SESSION 1

            Types of non-canonical DNA structures and their biological functions

            Chair: David Levens


        10.30am-10.50am O1 - Genome-wide interplay between DNA structure and topology in gene regulation 
                                    David Levens (US)

        10.50am-11.05am O2 - Abundant formation and regulatory potential of non-B DNA structures across the mammalian genome 

                                    Fedor Kouzine (US)

          11.05am-11.20am O3 - Energy Modeling and Experimental Profiling Reveal a Key Role for Negative Superhelicity in Driving R-loop


                                    Craig J. Benham (US)

         11.20am-11.35am O4 - High-resolution single molecule footprinting approaches reveal principles of R-loop structure formation

                                     Frédéric Chedin (US) 

         11.35am-11.50am O5 - Impact of R-loops on Transcription

                                     Xiang-Dong Fu (US)

         11.50am-12.05pm O6 - Genome instability by G-quadruplex ligands are mediated by R-loops in human cancer cells
                                     Giovanni Capranico (IT)

          12.05am-12.20pm O8 - Binding and control of mRNAs by DHX36 

                                     Katrin Paeschke (DE, NL)


         12.20pm-12.40pm FLASH ORAL SESSION 1

         12.20pm-12.30pm O9 - G-quadruplexes as regulatory motifs in p53 biology
                                     Marie Brazdova (CZ)


         12.30pm-12.40pm O10 - The driving force of non-canonic motifs formation in DNA
                                     Viktor Viglasky (SK)


         12.40pm-02.00pm Lunch

 02.00pm-04.00pm SESSION 2

             Non-canonical DNA structures in microorganisms and their processing enzymes

             Chair: Sara Richter

         02.00pm-02.20pm O11 - Non-canonical nucleic acids in HIV-1: new developments
                                     Sara Richter (IT) 

         02.20pm-02.35pm O12 - Chemical targeting of G-quadruplex RNA in riboviruses
                                     Tian Tian (CN)


         02.35pm-02.50pm O13 - Insights into G-quadruplex-mediated tuning of Herpes simplex virus 1 lytic infection 
                                     Ilaria Frasson (IT)

         02.50pm-03.05pm O14 - Genome-wide analysis of regulatory G-quadruplexes affecting gene expression in human
                                     Kyeong Kyu Kim (KR)

         03.05pm-03.20pm O15 - G-quadruplex forming sequences in the genome of all known human viruses: a comprehensive guide
                                     Enrico Lavezzo (IT)

         03.20pm-03.35pm O16 - RNA G-quadruplexes in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum
                                     Catherine Merrick (UK)

        03.35pm-03.50pm  O17 - Disruption of the prion-amyloid β complex, whose formation is casually related to Alzheimer's                                                 disease, by an anti-prion RNA aptamer that forms a unique quadruplex-therapeutic potential of RNA
                                     quadruplex as to Alzheimer’s disease

                                       Masato Katahira (JP) 

Chair: Ilaria Frasson and Mara Doimo

        04.00pm-04.05pm P35 - Deciphering the role of G-quadruplex (G4) and G4-interacting proteins in Plasmodium falciparum,

                                    Pratima Gurung (FR)


        04.05pm-04.10pm P41 - In vivo study of G-quadruplexes and satellites within transposable elements
 Eduard Kejnovsky (CZ)


       04.10pm-04.15pm P42 - G-Quadruplex dependant growth mechanisms in plants

                                   Colette Baxter (UK)


       04.15pm-04.20pm P43 - In vivo detection of G4 structures by the novel and conserved G4-binding protein LARK in invertebrate                                       and vertebrate cells

                                   Kangkang Niu (CN)


       04.20pm-04.25pm P64 - Investigating the role of G-quadruplexes in human mitochondrial DNA
Mara Doimo (SE)



                                   Chairs: Roberta Rocca and Lea Spindler

       04.25pm-04.30pm P3 - A novel DNA quadruplex containing protonated adenine:cytosine base pairs has a role in gene                                                 regulation

                                   Jeong Hwan Hur (KR)


      04.30pm-04.35pm P9 - Structural studies of CAGAGG repeats from difficult-to-replicate regions of the mammalian genome

                                  Liliya A. Yatsunyk (US)


      04.35pm-04.40pm P18 - Dissection of the folding pathway of a G-rich region within c-KIT promoter

                                  Riccardo Rigo (IT)


      04.40pm-04.45pm P21 - AFM Study of G-Quadruplex Forming G4C2 Repeats in Long Linearized DNA Molecules

                                  Lea Spindler (SI)


      04.45pm-04.50pm P8 - Importance of Structural Context in Folding of Parallel Stranded G-Quadruplexes

                                  Petr Stadlbauer (CZ)


      04.50pm-05.20pm Coffee Break


.00pm - 06.15pm - 06.30pm Guided tour to the Old Padua University "Palazzo del Bo"


      07.00pm-08.30pm Welcome cocktail at Palazzo Moroni, Padova City Hall

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