September 27th

DAY 2 - Thursday, September 27th

        08.30am-09.00am  Registration

09.00am-11.00am SESSION 3

            Structural heterogeneity of G- and C-quadruplexes in DNA and RNA

            Chair: Anh Tuan Phan 

 09.00am-09.20am O18 - Structure and detection of G-quadruplexes
                            Anh Tuan Phan (SG)

         09.20am-09.35am O19 - G-tracts in the core and loops of quadruplexes
                                    Janez Plavec (SI)


          09.35am-09.50am O20 - Unraveling the structural basis for the exceptional stability of RNA G-quadruplexes capped by a

                                    uridine tetrad at the 3’ terminus
                                    Witold Andralojć (PL)

         09.50am-10.05am O21 - Can DNA be an antiparallel duplex, exclusively? The contours of DNA sequence space structured

                                    from a deductive perspective
                                    Vitaly Kuryavyi (US)


        10.05am-10.20am O22 - The i-Motifs: a historical perspective 
                                   Maurice Guéron (FR) 


        10.20am-10.35am O23 - Quests to Discover i-Motif Ligands
                                   Zoe Waller (UK)

        10.35am-10.50am O24 - I-motif structures in repetitive sequences at physiological pH
                                   Carlos González (ES)


        10.50am-11.05am O25 - Monitoring of structure, stability, and interactions of tetraplex DNA in nuclei of living human cells
                                   Lukas Trantirek (CZ)

       11.05am-11.30am Coffee Break


       11.30am-12.00pm FLASH ORAL SESSION 2

       11.30am-11.40am O26 - Topologically constrained G-quadruplexes: a tool for the identification of proteins partners and antibody

                                   Thomas Lavergne (FR)


       11.40am-11.50am O27 - Phosphonomethyl Oligonucleotides as Backbone Modified Artificial Genetic Polymers
                                   Elisabetta Groaz (BE)


       11.50am-12.00pm O28 - Folding intermediate states of the parallel human telomeric G-quadruplex DNA explored using

                                   Well-Tempered Metadynamics
                                   Anna Artese (IT)



                                  Chair: Emanuela Ruggiero and Petra Školáková

      12.00pm-12.05pm P33 - Identification, characterization and biological significance of a highly stable G-quadruplex in the                                              MDM2 proto-oncogene inducible promoter

                                  Sara Lago (IT)


      12.05pm-12.10pm P24 - Investigation of the Folding Kinetic of RNA G-Quadruplexes using Real-Time NMR

                                  Diana Müller (DE)


      12.10pm-12.15pm P25 - Principles of pH dependent i-Motif formation

                                  Petra Školáková (CZ)


      12-15pm-12.20pm P27 - Developing Probes to Target i-Motif DNA Structures

                                 Summer S. Rosonovski (UK)


     12.20pm-12.25pm P28 - Fluorescent derivatives that dramatically stabilize i-motifs

                                 Bartomeu Mir (ES)


     12.25pm-12.30pm P49 - G4-UNFOLD: an in vitro assay to identify DNA/RNA G-quadruplex (G4)-destabilizing small molecules  

                                 Pauline Lejault (FR)

                                 Chair: Matteo Nadai and Valentina Pirota

     12.30pm-12.35pm P63 - A Catalytic and Selective Scissoring Molecular Tool for Quadruplex Nucleic Acids

                                 Matteo Nadai (IT)


     12.35pm-12.40pm P61 - Targeting of HIV-1 LTR promoter G-quadruplex structures by NDI-PNA conjugates

                                 Valentina Pirota (IT)


     12.40pm-12.45pm P66 - Topology-Selective Fluorescent "Light-Up" Probes for G-Quadruplex DNA Based on Photoinduced

                                 Electron Transfer 

                                 Oksana Reznichenko (FR)


     12.45pm-12.50pm P58 - Down-regulation of the androgen receptor by G-quadruplex ligands sensitizes castration-resistant prostate                                   cancer cells to enzalutamide

                                 Martina Tassinari (IT)


     12.50pm-12.55pm P55 - Development of linear hexaoxazoles as anti-parallel type topology-selective G-quadruplex stabilizing                                         ligands

                                 Shogo Sasaki (JP)


     12.55pm-13.00pm P67 - Controlling an Anticancer Drug Mediated G-quadruplex Formation and Stabilization by a Molecular                                         Container

                                 Sagar Satpathi (IN)

     01.00pm-02.00pm Lunch



     02.00pm-04.20pm SESSION 4

           New methods in G4 detection and analysis

           Chair: Jean Louis Mergny

       02.00pm-02.20pm O29 - Quadruplexes. What else?
                                   Jean Louis Mergny (FR)


       02.20pm-02.35pm O30 - A “Seq-and-you-will-find” approach to the quadruplex conundrum 
                                   David Monchaud (FR)

       02.35pm-02.50pm O31 - G-quadruplexes in the human transcriptome: identification, quantification, location, function 
                                   Jean Pierre Perreault (CA) 

       02.50pm-03.05pm O32 - RG4s Everywhere: Screening Genomes for Conserved RNA G-Quadruplexes                                                                      Andrea Tanzer (AT) 

       03.05pm-03.20pm ​O33 - The detection of 7-deazaguanine in RNA using nanopore sequencing: progress towards detection

                                   of naturally occurring G-quadruplexes in cells 
                                   Carika Weldon (UK) 

       03.20pm-03.35pm O34 - Photochemical probing of G-quadruplex structures and their folding topology through

                                     ligand-sensitized photoreactions 
                                   Anton Granzhan (FR)


       03.35pm-03.50pm O35 - Folding dynamics of telomeric G-quadruplex DNA structures
                                   Victoria Birkedal (FR)


       03.50pm-04.05pm O36 - Fishing for G-quadruplexes and quadruplex-bound/proximal proteins via the intrinsic peroxidase

                                   property of DNA and RNA G-quadruplexes complexed with hemin
                                   Dipankar Sen (CA) 

       04.05pm-04.20pm O37 - Continuous-flow hydrogen-deuterium exchange to study quadruplex nucleic acids structures, stability,                                         and interactions
                                   Eric Largy (FR)


       04.20pm-04.40pm FLASH ORAL SESSION 3

       04.20pm-04.30pm O38 - Detection and analysis of C- and G-quadruplexes by VCD spectroscopy and theoretical calculations                                         Valery Andrushchenko (CZ) 

       04.30pm-04.40pm O39 - Dense DNA compartments on a chip

                                   Shirley S. Daube (IL)

     04.40pm-05.20pm ORAL PRESENTATION OF SELECTED POSTERS 5      

                                     Chairs: Filippo Doria and Daniela Verga

       04.40pm-04.45pm P68 - Localizing G4-ligands at cellular level by nanoSIMS

                                   Daniela Verga (FR)


       04.45pm-04.50pm P69 - UV Resonance Raman Spectroscopy applied to the structural dynamics of DNA G-quadruplexes

                                   Marco Caterino (IT)


       04.50pm-04.55pm P72 - Studying i-motif structures and ligand binding by native ion mobility - mass spectrometry

                                   Nina Khristenko (FR)


       04.55pm-05.00pm P59 - Quindoline-derived G4 ligands targeting HSV-1 G-quadruplexes

                                   Paola Soldà (IT)


       05.00pm-05.05pm P46 - The DNA damaging properties of three-way DNA junction ligands

                                   Katerina Duskova (FR)


       05.05pm-05.10pm P74 - G-quadruplexes prediction using G4Catchall

                                   Osman Doluca (TR)



    05.10pm-06.00pm POSTER SESSION 1

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