September 28th

DAY 3 - Friday, September 28th

         09.00am-11.00am SESSION 5

                                      The Interplay of Supercoiling and C- and G-Quadruplexes in Promoters and the Control of Gene Expression

                                      Chair: Laurence Hurley

         09.00am-09.20am O40 - The Interplay of Supercoiling and C- and G-Quadruplexes in Promoters and the Control of

                                     Gene Expression 

                                     Laurence Hurley (US)

         09.20am-09.35am O41 - Tetraplexes in DNA duplexes
                                     Hanbin Mao (US)


         09.35am-09.50am O42 - Superhelicity and R-Loop in the Transcriptional Formation of G-Quadruplex
                                     Zheng Tan (CN)

         09.50am-10.05am O43 - Super-coiling and G-quadruplexes
                                     Keith Fox (UK)

        10.05am-10.20am O44 - KRAS controls ROS homeostasis in pancreatic cancer cells through a mechanism involving G4 DNA
                                    Luigi Xodo (IT)

        10.20am-10.35am O45 - Function and evolution of the DNA secondary structures as an epigenetic regulation mechanism

                                    of gene transcription in insects
                                    Qili Feng (CN)

        10.35am-10.50am O46 - Cross-talk of DNA structural elements as potential target for regulation of gene expression
                                    Claudia Sissi (IT)

        10.50am-11.00am O47 - G-Quadruplexes are on-off switches of gene expression during oxidative stress
                                    Aaron Fleming (US)


11.00am-11.30am Break and short visit to the Botanical Garden

11.30am-12.15pm POSTER SESSION 2

12.15pm-01.15pm Lunch

01.15pm-03.20pm SESSION 6
            Chemical strategies and molecular tools for NCNA drug
            Chair: Mauro Freccero

        01.15pm-01.35pm O48 - Functional Targeting of G-quadruplexes: Selective Detection, Alkylation and Cleavage 
                                    Mauro Freccero (IT)


        01.35pm-01.50pm O49 - G-quadruplexes and their interactions with ligands in live cells by Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging

                                      Microscopy (FLIM)
                                    Ramon Vilar (UK)

        01.50pm-02.05pm O50 - Targeting Structurally and Functionally Diverse Folded Nucleic Acids with Druglike Small Molecules
                                    John Schneekloth Jr (US)


        02.05pm-02.20pm O51 - A fluorogenic RNA aptamer suitable for orientation-dependent FRET
                                    Peter Unrau (CA)


        02.20pm-02.35pm O52 - NRAS G-quadruplex ligand towards molecularly targeted photodynamic therapy 
                                    Daisuke Miyoshi (JP)


        02.35pm-02.50pm O53 - Towards DNA-targeting magic bullets: searching for conformation-selective G-quadruplex ligands
                                    Daniela Montesarchio (IT)


        02.50pm-03.05pm O54 - Cancer diagnosis based on cyclic ferrocenylnaphthalene diimide as G4 binder
                                    Shigeori Takenaka (JP)


        03.05pm-03.20pm O55 - Imaging G-quadruplex targeted compounds in cells
                                    Marie Paule Teulade Fichou (FR)


        03.20pm-03.45pm Best poster awards and Closing remarks 

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